• Why Do My Glasses Fog Up?

    One of the most frustrating things about wearing glasses is walking outside and suddenly not being able to see through the fog on your lenses. You’ve cleaned your glasses like you’ve been taught to, so why do glasses fog up? The answer is pretty simple. In extreme weather, the temperature inside can often be very

  • Eyeglass Cleaning 101

    Eyeglass Cleaning 101 In today’s day and age, eyeglasses are mainstream. More and more people are turning to eyeglasses, both for function and fashion. Those who suffer from poor vision rely on glasses to get through the day and even the people who just wear glasses as an accessory value their eyewear. That means it’s

  • How to Replace Nosepads

    Even though they’re tiny, nosepads are critical to having comfortable glasses. If they’re worn out or the wrong size or shape, you’ll definitely experience some discomfort. And, if the nosepads completely fell off, you’ll have to worry about the metal frames scratching your skin, which can end up ruining your day. Nosepads are typically the

  • How Do You Keep Your Eyes Healthy?

    Eye health can be neglected by many people in lieu of skincare and oral care, among others. But as we age, our eyes require more care and we need to become more vigilant about ensuring that we protect our vision. Whether you wear corrective lenses, or you have 20/10 eyesight, you need to continue to

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