Choosing the Right Lenses and Keeping them Clean

Usually everyone focuses on their eyeglass frames. They want to pick the right color, shape, and thickness to compliment their face. They also want the style that is most comfortable. I know that when I was searching for my first pair of eyeglasses, I got sucked into looking at the hundreds of frames available in the store. But, one aspect of eyewear that is a bit under-appreciated is the lens.

The Common Mistake

While many people spend an hour or so picking out the right eyeglass frames, they fail to take the time to find the right lenses – this is a common mistake that you should avoid making. When you don’t consider the different features and benefits of different types of lenses, you miss out on important opportunities that you may regret later. Rather than having to switch lenses a month after getting your new eyeglasses, why not learn about which lens is right for you?

The Different Materials

When eyeglasses were first introduced, all lenses were made of glass. Glass lenses offer the optic quality that you want, but the downside is that they’re heavy and can break easily. Now, glass lenses aren’t widely used because if they break, they can actually harm your eye. However, as technology has advanced and we’ve made significant innovations in the optical industry, there are additional options for lens materials:

  • Plastic Lenses: These lenses are light weight, low cost, and excellent optical quality. Specifically, one of the major types of plastic used is a polymer called CR-39. This is a popular material for lenses today.
  • Polycarbonate Lenses: These lenses were introduced for safety glasses in the 1970s. Since then, they’ve become increasingly popular for children’s eyewear, safety glasses, and sports eyewear because polycarbonate is lighter and more resistant to impact than CR-39 plastic.
  • High-Index Plastic Lenses: These lenses were created to meet the growing demand for thinner, lighter eyeglasses. They’ve been produced over the past 20 years and they promise to be even thinner and lighter than CR-39 plastic lenses.

Important Treatments

After you select the right material for your lenses, you want to take time to decide if they should undergo extra treatments. For instance, you can opt for anti-scratching coating, anti-reflective coating, UV-blocking treatment, or Photochromic treatment. The different options offer unique benefits, such as protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, and adjusting the darkness in the sun’s UV and high-energy visible (HEV) light rays. In addition, the photochromic treatment will turn to clear when indoors.

The Best Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

Now that you’ve carefully considered all your lens options (and hopefully made a decision), it’s time to select the right eyeglass cleaner to ensure that your lenses remain in good shape. This requires both finding the right lens cleaner and following the proper steps to clean your glasses. While there are a wide variety of lens cleaners and cloths available, if you’re looking for a step up from the traditional options, consider the new UltraVue Gel Lens Cleaner. This cleaner uses a unique patented formula that improves efficiency when cleaning your eyewear. The secret to its success is that the gel sticks to the lenses rather than sliding off like regular liquid cleaners. The UltraVue Gel Lens Cleaner promises to be a superior option and safe for use on all types of eyewear. The good new is, this unique patented formula is available at Eyeglass Supply Store. Shop around to find different sizes and colors – we even have complete kits which include the UltraVue Gel Lens Cleaner with a microfiber cleaning cloth. At Eyeglass Supply Store, we’re always exploring new products that can better satisfy our customers, so stick around for more innovations to come.

Introducing ReadeREST: The Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

As someone who wears glasses, I can say that despite my best efforts, there are days when I misplace them. Sometimes I’m out and about when I need to take off my glasses momentarily, like if it’s raining or foggy, but then I forget where I placed them. This is a common problem that I’ve noticed among others who wear eyeglasses.

What Are My Options?

At first, I thought that I was just getting old and my memory was failing me, but then I realized that there aren’t a lot of options for this common problem. There aren’t many products available to keep your glasses on you at all times. Of course, you have the typical chains and cords for around your neck or your plastic or metal clips, but in my opinion, these options may not be for everyone.

If you’re working as a nurse in a hospital and you’re using a necklace holder for your glasses, you’re going to be in a tough spot when you’re trying to run around trying to answer codes and treat emergency cases. Even the plastic clips can fail you then. There are plenty of careers that require people with glasses to have a better way of holding their eyewear, so it doesn’t get in the way.

Imagine this – you’re at work and you need to take your glasses on and off as you go between completing tasks on the computer, reading from papers, and driving to and from client meetings. You might have to take your glasses on and off five times or more throughout the workday alone. When you’re that busy, you don’t have time to waste trying to find your glasses. You can’t afford to lose them or else you’re missing out on valuable time that could be used more efficiently.

Now, if you relied on more traditional eyeglass holder options, you’d leave room for problems to arise, as we mentioned earlier. But it turns out there is a new solution…

Introducing ReadeREST

At Eyeglass Supply Store, we know that holding onto your glasses is important, which is why we carry ReadeREST, the magnetic eyeglass holder that was featured on Shark Tank. ReadeREST uses two small magnets on the eyeglass holder and the back plate. The back plate is placed under your clothing in the desired location and the holder goes on the outside.

But what makes ReadeREST better than traditional eyeglass holders?

First, the magnetic force is strong enough to self-center the holder over the backing, creating a more secure holder for your glasses. Second, it’s easy to use – once you place the holder on your clothing, just insert the arm of the eyewear through the opening between your clothing and the holder. In addition, this can be used on all clothing, making it a convenient, unobtrusive option for anyone with glasses. Because the connection is so secure, you don’t even have to worry about your glasses moving around throughout the day – they’ll stay exactly where you placed them.

Why Eyeglass Supply Store? At Eyeglass Supply Store, we understand that some people prefer traditional eyeglass holders, while others would like to take advantage of the new ReadeREST accessories. That’s why we make sure we carry a wide variety of all options to keep every customer satisfied. If you’re interested in the ReadeREST, shop around our site and check out the different styles, such as butterflies, hearts, and more.