Dirty Sunglasses? It’s Time to Try PEEPS™ Lens Cleaner

Summer is quickly approaching and that means sunglass season is here. We’ve been waiting for the nice sunny weather for a while and now that it’s finally here, almost everyone is excited. But, when you wear eyeglasses, the summer can bring up some tougher times when it comes to cleaning. For instance, when you’re wearing your prescription sunglasses or fashion sunglasses outside during the summer, you’re exposing your glasses to a lot of conditions that risk making your glasses dirty. This is going to make your eyeglass lens care more important than ever. You need to find the right lens cleaners for specific situations.

Summer and Eyeglasses

One of the top culprits during the hot summer months is sunblock. When you’re at the beach, by the pool, or at a sports game on a hot day, you should really be applying sunblock every 1-2 hours. Most people agree that applying sunblock is a hassle and it’s messy. This is particularly true when you’re wearing eyeglasses. It might seem silly, but sunblock can ruin sunglasses and eyeglasses if you don’t clean it off efficiently. That’s why it is important to both protect your sunglasses, and know how to clean them effectively.

Let’s take a look at an example situation…

You’re at the beach and it’s around 85° and sunny. There’s a slight breeze and you’re planning on staying at the beach for the day. You know that you need to apply sunblock, so you take off your prescription sunglasses before you open the bottle of sunblock.

You use the sunblock lotion and apply it to your body and your face. No matter how careful you are about rinsing your hands after you finish applying the sunblock, it gets stuck to your fingers, even when you don’t see it or feel it. You think it’s safe to put your prescription sunglasses back on, but even after rinsing and drying your hands, you inevitably get some of the sunblock smudged on your sunglasses.

Now, it might not seem like such a big problem, but sunblock is hard to remove completely from clear surfaces. This is because it is typically water-resistant, and therefore, you need a specific type of cleaner to remove it from glasses and sunglasses if you want to see clearly.

The Rebuttal

By this point, I think you understand why sunblock is a problem, but a common rebuttal that we’ll hear is “I use the spray sunblock”. Unfortunately, even if you’re using the spray sunblock, it spreads out, especially if there’s any wind. So even if you’re trying to keep the spray away from your face, sometimes it will still end up on your eyeglasses or sunglasses.

So, what do you do when the summer is almost here, and you wear eyeglasses or sunglasses?

At Eyeglass Supply Store, we’ve been searching for an advanced solution to the sunblock problem and we think that we found the perfect solution – PEEPS Lens Cleaner.

What is PEEPS Lens Cleaner?

PEEPS Lens Cleaner is the most innovative solution for dirty, smudged glasses. This cleaner was designed specifically for cleaning all types of glasses, and the technology is even used on the space station by NASA to clean lenses! The key is that PEEPS uses an invisible carbon cleaning compound, which allows it to effectively remove any oil, grime, and dirt from your sunglasses, reading glasses, and eyeglasses. But, what makes PEEPS so different from other cleaners? Well, as we said, it uses space-age technology. What’s more, PEEPS Lens Cleaner never expires! With one PEEPS Cleaner, you can clean your glasses up to 500 times.

Now that you know what it is, I’m sure you’re interested in where you can get PEEPS Lens Cleaner. The answer is simple – right here at Eyeglass Supply Store. We are introducing PEEPS Lens Cleaner to our collection just in time for the summer months to ensure that our trusted customers have the appropriate lens cleaner right when they need it.

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Why Do My Glasses Fog Up?

One of the most frustrating things about wearing glasses is walking outside and suddenly not being able to see through the fog on your lenses. You’ve cleaned your glasses like you’ve been taught to, so why do glasses fog up?

The answer is pretty simple. In extreme weather, the temperature inside can often be very different than the weather outside. As summer approaches, this means walking from your cool, air-conditioned home to a hot and humid 85-degree day outside.

What does this have to do with your glasses? You may notice that when you walk outside, your glasses are suddenly foggy. When you leave your air-conditioned home, your glasses are nice and cool too. When you walk outside into the humid weather, that water vapor hanging in the air suddenly condenses into water on your cold lenses, causing them to fog up.

In cold weather, the air outside makes your glasses cold. When you breathe out warm air, the water vapor in your breath condenses on your glasses.

This is the same reason that your cold iced tea is covered in condensation as you sip it by the pool on a hot day or your windshield becomes foggy in cold weather. When it’s your glasses, however, not only is the condensation annoying and embarrassing, but it also obstructs your vision which could be dangerous for you.

What can I do?

Until your glasses warm up, they’ll continue to fog no matter how much you wipe them off. As you become frustrated with your glasses fogging up, you might find yourself constantly cleaning your lenses to get rid of the moisture to be able to see.

Perhaps your forget your lens cleaning kit, so you wipe your lenses on your shirt, risking scratching those glasses you chose so carefully. Eyeglass Supply Store has a solution that will keep your lenses clear: AR Fog Stopper!

How is AR Fog Stopper Different?

While other fog prevention products can only be used on certain types of lenses, AR Fog Stopper is the only fog prevention treatment that can be used on all types of lenses, including:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • Lenses with reflective coating

Not only does this mean that you can use AR Fog Stopper on your eyeglasses, you can also use it on car mirrors, sport goggles, and sunglasses to make sure everything you need is fog free. The application process is easy: put a few drops on the inside of the lenses and spread the solution, then let it air dry. Then polish your glasses after 15-20 seconds and you’re ready to go! Adding AR Fog Stopper to your eyewear care routine will keep your lenses protected and clear so they are ready to go when you are!