Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

AR Fog Stopper & Lens Cleaner Bundle

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


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2 × Fog Stopper - AR Fog Stopper Stops Fog

2 × 2oz. UltraVue® Gel Lens Cleaner - Clear

2 × Microfiber Cloth in Pouch - Random Color

Our AR Lens Cleaner Bundle is for anyone looking to keep their eyeglasses, sunglasses or goggles clean and free of fog.

Step 1: The UltraVue Gel lens cleaner is a patented revolutionary lens cleaner that offers superior lens cleaning.

Step 2: Purity microfiber cloths leave your lenses streak free and scratch free.

Step 3: The AR fog stopper’s unique formulation works on all lenses including AR (anti-reflective) coated lenses.

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