PEEPS™ Lens Cleaner



PEEPS™ uses advanced technology to clean and sanitize lenses.

A safe, all-natural, and effective lens cleaner that works on the molecular level.

Uses the carbon molecule to clean the surface of the lens while killing bacteria.

PEEPS™ is a 2-part device: a re-charger and a cleaning pad. The device recharges every time it is placed back in the case.

There is also a ”Green” antibacterial solution added each time it is used.

  • Used by NASA at the International Space Station and our U.S.Military
  • You will get hundreds of uses from each PEEPS
  • Available in six colors
  • Convenient pocket size
  • Simple to use

Electroplated, Soft Touch


Black, Blue, Green, Lavender, Rose Gold, Space Grey

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