How to Replace Nosepads

How to Replace Nosepads

Even though they’re tiny, nosepads are critical to having comfortable glasses. If they’re worn out or the wrong size or shape, you’ll definitely experience some discomfort. And, if the nosepads completely fell off, you’ll have to worry about the metal frames scratching your skin, which can end up ruining your day. Nosepads are typically the first part of eyeglasses to go, but that doesn’t mean you need to buy a new pair of glasses.

Finding the Right Eyeglass Supplies

If you know where to go for the right eyeglass repair supplies, you can replace the nosepads yourself. It only takes about 5-10 minutes, and it’s a much more cost-effective option.

Nosepad Replacement Tutorial

Below we outline the steps involved for replacing nosepads:

  1. Measure Your Old Nosepads – There’s nothing worse than going through the effort of buying new nosepads and putting them on, just to find out they’re the wrong size. To ensure that you don’t run into this unpleasant surprise, measure your old nosepads. The measurement corresponds to the length of the nosepad and should be reported in millimeters. Typically, nosepad sizes range from 6 to 24 millimeters.
  2. Find The Right Replacements – At Eyeglass Supply Store, we offer a variety of option for replacement nosepads including screw nosepads and snap nosepads. In addition, you can choose between HD Silicone nosepads and vinyl nosepads. Make sure that you’re buying replacement nosepads that are the same size as your old ones. Also, look at your ideal shape – is it teardrop, rectangle, circle, or D-shaped?
  3. Get Your Tools Ready – In addition to the replacement nosepads, you need the repair tools, including a screwdriver, magnifying glass, cloth, and screws. Sometimes it’s easier to purchase these items together in a repair kit, but you can also find the items sold individually. If you’re using snap nosepads or adhesive nosepads, you won’t need any additional tools.
  4. Remove the Old Nosepads – It you have the screw in nosepads, you need to have your screwdriver ready to remove the old ones. Simply loosen the screw with eh screwdriver and remove the old nosepads. It’s even easier with snap or adhesive nosepads – just push or peel the old ones off the glasses.
  5. Place the New Nosepad – Get your new nosepad and place it on the mount. If you have the screw nosepads, line up the hole that is on the nosepad with the one that is on the mount so that you can get the screw in easily. Sometimes it is helpful to use a pair of tweezers to hold the new nosepad in the proper position. If you’re using the snap nosepads, simply snap it on when you line it up on the mount. If you have the adhesive nosepads, line up the new nosepad exactly wear you want it to sit for optimal comfort and then firmly press the adhesive portion down.
  6. Insert and Tighten Screws – For the screw nosepads, insert the screw into the small hole that you have lined up on the nosepad and mount. You can either use your fingers to place the screw or tweezers, depending on which is easier for you. Make sure the screw is balanced in place, and then pick up the screwdriver and fit it gently into the groove of the screw. Carefully turn the screw to the right and use a little extra pressure towards the end to finish tightening it.

Once you check that your new nosepads are firmly in place, try your glasses on to make sure that they fit the way you want them to. Assess your level of comfort as you wear your glasses for the remainder of the day and if there is still something wrong, it may be time for a new pair of glasses.

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