Why Do My Glasses Fog Up?

Why Do My Glasses Fog Up?

One of the most frustrating things about wearing glasses is walking outside and suddenly not being able to see through the fog on your lenses. You’ve cleaned your glasses like you’ve been taught to, so why do glasses fog up?

The answer is pretty simple. In extreme weather, the temperature inside can often be very different than the weather outside. As summer approaches, this means walking from your cool, air-conditioned home to a hot and humid 85-degree day outside.

What does this have to do with your glasses? You may notice that when you walk outside, your glasses are suddenly foggy. When you leave your air-conditioned home, your glasses are nice and cool too. When you walk outside into the humid weather, that water vapor hanging in the air suddenly condenses into water on your cold lenses, causing them to fog up.

In cold weather, the air outside makes your glasses cold. When you breathe out warm air, the water vapor in your breath condenses on your glasses.

This is the same reason that your cold iced tea is covered in condensation as you sip it by the pool on a hot day or your windshield becomes foggy in cold weather. When it’s your glasses, however, not only is the condensation annoying and embarrassing, but it also obstructs your vision which could be dangerous for you.

What can I do?

Until your glasses warm up, they’ll continue to fog no matter how much you wipe them off. As you become frustrated with your glasses fogging up, you might find yourself constantly cleaning your lenses to get rid of the moisture to be able to see.

Perhaps your forget your lens cleaning kit, so you wipe your lenses on your shirt, risking scratching those glasses you chose so carefully. Eyeglass Supply Store has a solution that will keep your lenses clear: AR Fog Stopper!

How is AR Fog Stopper Different?

While other fog prevention products can only be used on certain types of lenses, AR Fog Stopper is the only fog prevention treatment that can be used on all types of lenses, including:

Lenses with reflective coating
Not only does this mean that you can use AR Fog Stopper on your eyeglasses, you can also use it on car mirrors, sport goggles, and sunglasses to make sure everything you need is fog free. The application process is easy: put a few drops on the inside of the lenses and spread the solution, then let it air dry. Then polish your glasses after 15-20 seconds and you’re ready to go! Adding AR Fog Stopper to your eyewear care routine will keep your lenses protected and clear so they are ready to go when you are!