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PEEPS Eyeglass Lens Cleaner - Carbon-Charged Pads - Soft Touch Finish

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  • GROUND BREAKING TECHNOLOGY: the soft microfiber pads are charged with a carbon compound that absorbs oily fingerprints and smears, and reduces the static charge that attracts dust particles.
  • EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE: outstanding dry-clean technology, substance free. PEEPS is the only lens cleaner used on NASA Space Station to clean eyeglasses.
  • REUSABLE: each time pads are re-sheathed, they are recharged with the carbon compound. They work effectively for up to 500 cleanings. Pads can be changed when their cleaning property is exhausted.
  • EFFECTIVE ON ALL COATINGS: perfectly safe for all coatings and lenses. It works on both plastic (or polycarbonate) and glass surfaces.
  • BRING IT EVERYWHERE: the perfect travel size eyeglass cleaner to take with you. It measures about 4” x 1” x 1”. Available in more than 7 unique colors.


Bored by earthling lens cleaners? Choose one from space.


PEEPS is the only lens cleaner chosen by astronauts to take care of their eyewear on the ISS (International Space Station).


Its unique technology allows a flawless lens cleaning process with no fluids or chemicals.


Eccentric glass frame? No problem, the shape of the pads is fit to reach the most difficult corners.


Recharge the cleaning pads sticking the tweezers back into the case. The friction of the pads rubbing against each other causes the carbon molecule to shift slightly and creates a fresh cleaning surface every time.


You can reuse the pads for 500 times before you need to replace them.


PEEPS lens cleaner is compact and durable. If handled with care, it will last a lifetime. All metal parts have a soft touch rubberized coating to maximize dexterity.

Eyeglass Supply Store guarantees a hassle-free return policy.


  1. Use the goat-bristle brush to sweep away lens-scratching particles;
  2. Extract the tongs and clean both lens sides at once;
  3. Re-sheath the tongs in its case to recharge the carbon compound on the pads surface.



1 x PEEPS lens cleaner with sheath (soft touch rubberized finish).