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Purity Microfiber Cloth - Machine Washable, Lint-Free Ultra-Fine Microfiber

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  • PREMIUM MICROFIBER: 6” x 7” cleaning cloths with premium extra-fine Korean microfiber. The unique weave traps dirt, dust, oil and fingerprints without leaving behind any streaks, film or smudges.
  • SAFE FOR ALL LENSES: the high-density microfiber has been specifically engineered to clean multi-coated lenses and screens. It will pamper your expensive eyewear avoiding scratches or hazing.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Purity microfiber cloths are 100% reusable. The lint-proof plush material is heat-treated for maximum durability and the specially designed saw tooth pattern fused edges prevents fraying.
  • MADE IN USA: we proudly and diligently manufacture all Purity Lens Cleaner products in Ronkonkoma - NY, USA. Buy with confidence, if you are not happy with our product, contact our 24/7 customer support.


Want to take care of your eyewear on the go? Choose Purity microfiber cloths!


Ultra-fine Korean microfiber and US craftsmanship have created a plush cleaning cloth previously only available from optical professionals and not offered in local convenience stores.


Our high-end microfiber is heat-treated to ensure maximum durability and the specially designed saw tooth pattern fused edges prevents fraying. Meaning that you can reuse Purity microfiber cloth how many times you want.


Throw it in the machine wash using a cold temperature setting and enjoy its restored performance over and over again.


The microfiber is densely woven in a honeycomb matrix pattern which makes the cloth safe and effective on all lenses, screens and coatings.


You will experience amazing performance on both plastic and glass surfaces.


Purity microfiber cloth perfectly works on eyewear, like eyeglasses (coated, non-coated and anti-reflective), sunglasses, reading glasses, safety goggles, and masks.


It will also be effective on your electronic devices, like cell phones, smart phones, computer screens, tablets, camera lenses, telescopes, binoculars, scopes, car screens and much more!


The unique lint-proof weave traps dirt, dust, oil and fingerprints.


Eyeglass Supply Store guarantees a hassle-free return policy.


  1. Apply a liquid or gel lens cleaner on each side of the lenses. If you don’t have any lens cleaner on hand, use your breath to moist the lenses;
  2. Gently wipe the surface with the microfiber cloth until the lens is dry and spotless.


  • 6-Pack: 6 x Purity microfiber cloth (6” x 7”);
  • 24-Pack: 24 x Purity microfiber cloth (6” x 7”);
  • 100-Pack: 100 x Purity microfiber cloth (6” x 7”) in a dispenser box.