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Clip-On LED Mini Brow Light - Adjustable Eyeglass Lamp - Bulls-Eye Spot Beam

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  • CLIP-ON DESIGN: Dynamic Labs clip LED flashlight conveniently attaches to the bridge of any eyeglasses. Clamps are covered with soft transparent rubber caps to protect the lenses from scratches.
  • FOR PRECISION WORKS: designed for optical professionals requiring a bulls-eye spot beam to illuminate their working area. Beam can be single-handedly adjusted by rotating the frontal crown.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: the flashlight leans slightly forward so the beam doesn’t disturb your vision. All support points designed to touch your skin feature a soft-touch finish increasing comfort and wearability. Forehead support and beam direction can be adjusted accordingly.
  • COMPACT SIZE: Dynamic Labs mini LED lamp is lightweight and easy to carry. The ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shell is tough and solid, enduring daily use and occasional drops. External surface is very smooth with no harsh edges, ensuring a scratch-free experience.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Dynamic Labs adjustable eyeglass lamp is ideal for various activities, such as night fishing, reading, maintenance works, camping, bed or airplane reading. You can bring it with you in any dark place that requires a precision headlamp to illuminate what’s in front of you.

Dynamic Labs eyeglass clip-on flashlight is compact and small in appearance, black in color, lightweight and easy to carry. It easily fits in pockets, bags and purses.

Illuminate your working area with this hand-free solution that allows you to clip the LED light on any type of glasses without the risk of scratching their lenses.

Easy on/off switch through a convenient rotating crown and durable ABS shell.

Buy with confidence, if you are not happy with our product, contact our 24/7 customer support.

  1. Clamp the light on your eyeglass bridge;
  2. Optional: adjust the direction of the beam and the position of the forehead support so that it feels comfortable to you;
  3. Turn on the LED light by rotating clockwise the frontal crown;
  4. Turn off the flashlight by rotating counter-clockwise the frontal crown.

1 x Dynamic Labs clip-on LED mini brow light.