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PrimaDonna Nose Pads - High Density (HD) Silicone Symmetrical Eyeglass Nose Pads

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  • LAST LONGER: our nose pads are made with high density (HD) silicone designed to be softer and more comfortable than other standard nose pads, therefore they last longer without discoloring.
  • SYMMETRICAL NOSE PADS: our PrimaDonna nose bridge pads come in different variations according to their shape (round, oval and d-shaped) and size in mm.
  • NON-SLIP AND STEADY: our nose pad replacements will increase eyeglass height and wearability comfort, securing your glasses steadily on your nose bridge.
  • EASY TO MOUNT: the mounting system of our PrimaDonna silicone nose pads follow optical industry standards. It has a distinct “T” shaped mount at the base of the nose pad that has a hook on each side of the “T”. You can use standard tools like push-in nose pad tweezers and pliers or nose pad adjusting pliers.

High density silicone is the most resistant to discoloration and splitting yet just as comfortable as any other silicone. This makes our nose pads incredibly soft and durable.

PrimaDonna mount has its typical “T” shape with small tabs to keep nose pads secured.

PrimaDonna Nose Pads Specifications:

  • Mounting System: primadonna ("T" shape);
  • Material: silicone;
  • Color: clear;
  • Size: 9mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17mm.

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Similar in design to a “press-on” or “snap-in” nose pad mount, it will only work for a PrimaDonna mount:

  1. Simply mount by inserting at an angle the nose pad into the open slot of the nose pad arm.
  2. It’s important to have the “T” shape hooks lift over the inside edge of the nose pad arm slot.
  3. To have the nose pad pop into place make sure to press the nose pad in while straightening.

  • 5-Pack: 5 x pair of silicone (PrimaDonna) nose pads;
  • 25-Pack: 25 x pair of silicone (PrimaDonna) nose pads;