Screen Clarity Gel Cleaner - Gel Screen Cleaner Spray + Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for Computer Monitor, Electronic Devices, Phones and Smartphones - Screen Kit Cleaner Spray

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  • FOR ALL SCREENS AND MONITORS: our premium gel screen cleaner kit is delicate and gentle on all screens (LCD, LED, CRT and OLED included). It performs amazingly on computer monitors, laptops, smartphones, touchscreens, tablets, smart watches, iPhones, camera lenses and all electronic devices’ screens. 
  • EASY TO USE GEL FORMULA: unlike other liquid lens cleaners or screen wipes, Screen Clarity gel cleaner has a patented formula that stays on the lens and cleans it with improved efficiency and no dripping. The result? Shining and spotless in no time!
  • SAFE ON ALL SCREENS: Screen Clarity gel cleaner is nontoxic, ammonia-free and doesn’t contain any harmful phosphates. You get a crystal-clear result without any smell. Say good-bye to streaks, smudges, dirt, and fingerprints!
  • PREMIUM MICROFIBER CLOTHS INCLUDED: Screen Clarity cloths are densely woven in a honeycomb matrix pattern, lint-free and made of 100% microfiber. Soft and delicate, our lens cleaner cloths are designed to pick up dust and dirt without scratching or leaving streaks on the surface.

Looking for an effective solution to take care of your electronic devices’ screens and monitors? Try Screen Clarity gel cleaner kit: all the necessary tools to make your screens shine!

Use the precision screen cleaner spray bottle to dispense the gel on the microfiber cloth or directly on the screen. Use the cloth in a circular motion to wipe streaks, smudges, dirt and fingerprints.

The special gel formula will stick to the lens saving you from annoying drips. The scratch-free cloth’s weave will absorb stubborn stains, leaving zero discoloration and no streaks.

Screen Clarity spray and its plush microfiber cloths will have your screens like new: shining and flawless in no time! 

Our formula is family safe and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

Clarity Screen gel cleaner works perfectly on all screens including LCD, LED, CRT and OLED. Try its cleaning power on computer monitors, laptops, smartphones, touchscreens, tablets, smart watches, iPhones, iPads, Kindles, MacBooks, camera lenses and all electronic devices’ screens. Enjoy a convenient screen cleaner kit anytime, anywhere you need it. 

Remember to use Screen Clarity cloth for best results. Our lens cleaner cloth is lint proof and will work magic when used together with Screen Clarity gel spray.