Oval titanium nose pads snap style
Round titanium nose pads screw style

Titanium Nose Pads - Premium Hypoallergenic Symmetrical Nose Pads For Eyeglasses

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  • REAL TITANIUM: these nose pads are made of 100% high quality titanium (not cheap metal) representing an ideal solution for titanium eyeglass frames.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT: the ultra-thin design combined with the lightweight properties of titanium reduce the pressure caused by the frame and protect your nose bridge.
  • SYMMETRICAL NOSE PADS: our nose bridge pads come in different variations according to their shape, round or oval, and their locking mechanism, snap and screw style.
  • NON-SLIP AND STEADY: our nose pad replacements will increase eyeglass height and wearability comfort, securing your glasses steadily on your nose bridge.
  • EASY TO MOUNT: the mounting system of our titanium nose pads follow optical industry standards. According to the type, you can use standard tools like push-in nose pad tweezers and pliers or nose pad adjusting pliers.


We offer high-end titanium nose pad replacements for your glasses.


Titanium nose pads are an excellent choice for those who prefer hypoallergenic hard nose pads with a steady grip on their nose bridge.


Titanium nose pads are light-weight and will last the life of your eyeglasses and beyond!


They are immune to oxidation, corrosion and tarnish which makes them basically indestructible.


Round Nose Pads Specifications:

  • Mounting System: push-in and screw-in;
  • Color: metallic;
  • Size: 8mm.


Oval Nose Pads Specifications:

  • Mounting System: push-in and screw-in;
  • Color: metallic;
  • Size: 13mm.


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Mounting Push-In Nose Pads: 

  1. Make sure you have a good light to see what you’re doing;
  2. Gently grip the pad arm with your finger-tip or nail;
  3. Use your thumb and index finger to pull the nose-pad away from the frame, starting at the top of the pad;
  4. Support the pad arm with your thumb and align the nose pad, gently use your thumb and index finger to push the new nose pad into place;
  5. When your new nose pads are installed there should be a little wiggle room in the pad so that they can sit comfortably on your face.

Mounting Screw-In Nose Pads:

  1. Place the nose pad on its mount and align it with the screw hole;
  2. Use a magnet to put the screw into the screw hole;
  3. Remove the magnet by moving your hand horizontally;
  4. Tighten screws with an optical grade screwdriver. Make sure to hold the glasses tightly to make sure the screw head faces upwards as you tighten the screw with your screwdriver.
  • 1-Pack: 1 x pair of titanium nose pads.