UltraVue Fog Stopper
One fog-free leap for mankind
Same NASA anti fog technology
Anti fog for extreme weather conditions
Anti fog drops treatment
Anti fog for all lenses and coatings
How to use UltraVue Fog Stopper
Defogging nano-coating technology
Anti fog for any type of eyewear

UltraVue Fog Stopper - Defogger Treatment Effective On All Lenses And Coatings

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  • ASTRONAUT GRADE DEFOGGER: UltraVue® Fog Stopper drops treatment is a powerful defogger with unmatched effectiveness on all lenses and coatings (anti-reflective and hydrophobic included). It contains the same nano-coating technology of NASA defoggers for space helmets.
  • SAFE FOR ALL LENSES: safe and effective on all lens and screen types, it perfectly defogs both glass and plastic surfaces. It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and is family safe.
  • EASY TO USE: apply 2 drops of the anti-fog solution to each lens then spread the formula and air dry. There's no need for multiple or frequent applications. UltraVue Fog Stopper’s nano coating technology has been specially designed to last longer than other anti-fog wipes and sprays.
  • FOG-FREE ON THE GO: take advantage of the convenient travel-size bottle and bring UltraVue Fog Stopper with you. Prevents your eyewear condensation on the go. Keep a professional grade anti-fog treatment at your fingertips!
  • MADE IN USA: we proudly and diligently manufacture UltraVue in Ronkonkoma - NY, USA. Buy with confidence, if you are not happy with our product, contact our 24/7 customer support.


One fog-free leap for mankind. Choose UltraVue Fog Stopper!


Did you know that anti fog technology was specifically invented and improved for space travels?


After decades of research, we made available to the public a travel size drops treatment defogger that uses the same NASA nano-coating technology for space helmets.


Want fog-free eyewear in the worst temperature and humidity conditions? Wonder no more.


UltraVue Fog Stopper drops treatment provides an unmatched effectiveness on all lens and screen types (glass, plastic, polycarbonate…). 


The unique patented anti-fog formula works really well on all coatings, anti-reflective and hydrophobic included!


The advanced nano coating technology sticks to the surface uniformly and creates a protective layer that prevents condensation.
The convenient travel-size bottle was designed for a quick and easy application on the go. 


After each application, lenses will remain fog-free until touched or rubbed off. One bottle of UltraVue Fog Stopper can last for about 60 full applications. Our bottle is designed to avoid over-dropping and waste. 


Experience a fog-free vision on your eyeglasses and sunglasses, face shields, goggles, respirator masks, safety glasses, SCBA masks, swimming goggles, dive masks, visors, windshields, paintball and airsoft masks, optics, scopes, binoculars, ski and snowboard goggles. 


UltraVue Fog Stopper has also a great defogging performance on electronic devices (screens and monitors) like cell phones, tablets, virtual reality (VR) headsets, smart Watches, camera lenses and more!


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NOTE: dropper is not for use on contact lenses. Avoid contact with eyes.


  1. Use the precision dropper cap to funnel 2 drops of UltraVue Fog Stopper on the inside of each lens. For better results, the lens surface should be clean and dry;
  2. Gently spread the formula on the lens surface;
  3. Air dry for 15-20 seconds and enjoy the fog-free view of your lenses.



1 x 10ml UltraVue Fog Stopper dropper.