Watch Cleaner Gallon size

Watch Cleaner Gallon size

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  • FOR HOROLOGISTS: designed by New York watchmakers in 1996, UltraVue Watch Cleaner deep cleans your metal, diamond and gemstone jewelry removing grime and restoring your watch to its original state.
  • REPLACEMENT BOTTLE: if you don't need the full watch care kit (UltraVue Watch Cleaning Set) or just need to replace an exhausted gel spray bottle, this product is for you. You can choose between a convenient travel size bottle (2oz) or a value size format (8oz).
  • WATCH CLEANER GEL: UltraVue Watch Cleaner features a patented gel formula which performs better than standard liquid cleaners. Gel consistency sticks to the watch surface trapping dirt and grime more effectively. The precision sprayer will spread the solution evenly without the need of additional tools.
  • MADE IN USA: we proudly and diligently manufacture all UltraVue products in Ronkonkoma - NY, USA. Buy with confidence, if you are not happy with our product, contact our 24/7 customer support.

Skin contains sebaceous glands producing an oily, waxy substance called sebum to keep the skin naturally moistened and lubricated.


Additionally, the sweat our body releases to regulate its temperature contains proteins, salt and amino acids that remain on the skin when the water evaporates.


These elements tend to deposit on the watch case and strap leading to their deterioration.

UltraVue Watch Cleaner keeps your timepieces cleaned and conditioned not only from sebum and sweat residues, but also from dirt, dust and grime. 


Designed by New York watchmakers in 1996, it is a must-have piece of equipment for any horologist. 


The specially formulated cleaning solution provides a gentle cleaning action on precious metals, stainless steel, carbon fiber and ceramic while stripping away any build-up and residue on the watch. UltraVue Watch Cleaner gel ensures 0.0 haze rating as independently tested by COLTS Laboratories*. In other words, after you wipe off the gel with a clean microfiber cloth, you won't see any smudge or streak.

The travel size watch cleaner gel bottle is perfect to carry when on the go or before a business meeting. The all-in-one formula will restore your timepiece to pristine conditions. 
You won’t even need to rinse your watch after application. Simply wipe off the gel with a microfiber cloth and voila!

NOTE: UltraVue Watch Cleaner gel is not recommended on leather and will not remove tarnish from silver.


CAUTION: do not use this product if it conflicts with watch manufacturer’s warranty. Not for use on porous gems and pearls.


*Test Results and Report for Dynamic Labs, P-DYN010220-02, COLTS Laboratories.